Tips for Buying Houses or Commercial Properties in Hamburg, East Amherst & Buffalo

1. Spend a few days looking at houses you think you could afford online.

If you’re really uncertain as to what you can afford, double your annual household income and look at prices in that range. Everyone’s situation is different and some people are more comfortable spending more or less, but this will give you an idea of your budget.

There are many online sites you can visit to shop for a home. Generally speaking, real estate brokerages all have the same houses because we all pull and import from the same system. The service each broker provides is what makes the difference. is easy to use as well as For mobile devices, Zillow and Trulia are good apps, but keep in mind information on sites such as these is not always accurate.

2. Visit a bank and pre-qualify for a mortgage.

After viewing homes in your price range, you are now ready to get prequalified. Prequalification is not a guarantee but it gives you a sense of how much the bank would be willing to loan you. When getting prequalified, ask for an estimate of what your monthly payment would be including home owners insurance and taxes. This helps you to compare to what you are currently spending and get a better sense of how much you really can afford. Prequalification will also alert you to anything on your credit record that needs your attention.

3. Contact a licensed professional

Once you’ve prequalified, contact one of our licensed real estate salespersons or a broker. This individual will guide you through your buying process. They will help you determine the value of what you are considering and accompany you for tours. This is especially helpful when placing an offer.

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