Tips for Preparing Your Home

Selling Commercial & Residential Property in East Amherst, Cheektowaga, & Buffalo, NY

At Gurney Becker & Bourne, our real estate company can provide valuable insight to help you prepare your commercial or residential property before putting it on the market. Check out our tips below or call us today to speak to a member of our team!

1. Contact a licensed professional

At any time during this preparation, feel free to contact one of our licensed real estate agents to help you. Our real estate professionals understand that every home is unique and that your needs are different from others. They will be able to pinpoint any areas that need attention to help sell your home and provide insight throughout the entire process.

2. Freshen up the exterior

The exterior of your home or commercial building is the first impression people will receive. In light of this, inspect areas such as paint and landscaping. There are ways to renovate without breaking the bank. Simple things such as changing a door handle can go a long way. Keeping the lawn manicured is important as well, once a week is a good rule of thumb. Clearing the snow and ice during winter months also helps. Vehicles that aren’t being used can sometimes distract a potential buyer. Consider finding a place to store them. Once our licensed real estate agents visit with you and inspect the property, they may also suggest other exterior areas may need attention, but the above areas are a good start.

3. Freshen up the interior

The entrance is the second impression people will receive of your home. Consider your entry and foyer and make it as inviting as possible. The goal is to make a buyer feel as though they are at home. Clear any shoes from hallways and thoroughly clean the entrance.

Clear every room in the house of unnecessary clutter, especially the main living areas. You may consider painting the rooms if colors are not neutral. Make sure there is enough light in every room, the brighter the better. Examine kitchen countertops, cabinets, and faucets, and thoroughly clean bathrooms. Keep in mind the real estate agent you choose may ask or recommend additional preparation.

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Our real estate company has worked with sellers throughout the Western New York and Buffalo, NY area including Kenmore, Tonawanda, East Amherst, East Aurora, Hamburg, NY, and beyond to help them get the most for their listing and make the selling process as stress-free as possible.

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