First Fridays Allentown ArtChase Gallery Walk

Better Look: Seneca One Tower
August 10, 2017
Allentown Fall Fest!
October 12, 2017

To celebrate the arts in Buffalo, the Allentown Association and the Allentown First Friday Gallery Walk present the “2017 Art Chase” scavenger hunt. On the evening of Friday, September 1st, neighbors of all ages are invited to create teams of four to compete in fun challenges around Allen Street from reenacting famous paintings to performing an impromptu haiku. With stellar, locally-sourced prizes for the winning team, this communal event aims to stimulate creative exploration and support the city’s vibrant art scene.

You can register here to participate in what is one of their most popular family friendly events. Our offices are located right in Allentown and we are proud to support such a wonderful event that activates the neighborhood for business and art galleries alike.