7 Reasons We Love Buffalo

Resurgence on Rhode Island Street
April 12, 2017

1. The food

C’mon let’s face it. Who doesn’t enjoy pizza and wings in Buffalo. Although there are many chain restaurants across the nation that we also enjoy here, there is no place like home. There are a few of us at GBB that love going to Florida, some go every year. Yes we love palm trees and Disney World, but there is no denying that we miss picking up a quick pizza & wings dinner on demand. A good one that is, and if you want All-American or fine dining, we have a great variety of that too. You can find any cuisine you want in Buffalo. Got a taste for barbecue in the middle of December? Ted’s will make you feel like its June, until you step outside that is. The variety of cuisine is something that anyone can enjoy. That’s reason #1 we love Buffalo!

2. The Architecture

A blend of the old and new comes to mind when thinking about the architecture in Buffalo. The Darwin Martin House has been an architectural enthusiast quest when visiting our city for many years. There are also many other buildings around our area that people have great appreciation for. Here’s what Parm Parmar, a freelance travel and food writer had to say about city hall. “As you walk into the lobby, you are treated to magnificent murals on the ceiling accented by intricate tile work. The elevator lobby leaves you in awe of how much work went into creating the intricate designs. I could have easily spent half of my day exploring and photographing this beautiful building. – 24 hours in Buffalo is Not Enough, Parm Palmer (May 23rd 2014). As a real estate company, we could go on and on about the architecture, but we’ll let the properties speak for themselves.

3. Ease of Commute

You can’t beat our commute time here. We have an average commute time of 18 minutes! Not to mention we hardly know what a traffic jam is… other than watching the construction worker who was on the news because he dances to his music. Most of us can’t fathom driving an hour or more to work, at least not when the weather is decent. Even in the snow our commute time doesn’t compare to many other US cities.

4. Affordable, Active, & Vibrant

Middle class America can find a beautiful home in our city. In many other cities the dream of home ownership is fading. However in Buffalo it is very much obtainable. If you want to see active and vibrant take a stroll down Elmwood Avenue on a nice summer day. Try parking at Panos on a Friday evening or maybe the nightlife on Chippewa Street. We have a great mix of it all. There is so much happening and with our rebirth we will be more active and vibrant. We’ll have to wait to see how long the affordability lasts!

5. Kindness, the City of Good Neighbors

“I have traveled extensively to 49 of the 50 states, as well as internationally, to small and large cities, but have never experienced the feeling of Buffalo, my hometown. I love Buffalo because it personifies the expression, “we are family.” No matter where we go, that family feeling is present even in the areas outside of the city. It is a comfortable and reassuring feeling that transcends distance. Buffalonians gravitate to each other far and wide. It is because of the “family ties” that unite and bind us to one another. That is what makes Buffalo a city of uniqueness, and one in which many find is the perfect setting for raising their own family within the boundaries of the larger Buffalo family experience. Who wouldn’t want that for their own family? That is why we love Buffalo, one of many reasons!” – Mary Ann Rogers

“Where else would you want to be stuck in a snowbank?” – Abby Schoellkopf

6. The Music & Arts Scene

The Albright Knox, the Sidebar on Hertel Ave. for jazz on a 1st Friday, you can’t go wrong. Music and the arts have a special place in our hearts here. Shakespeare in the Park, Sheas, Helium Comedy Club, The Burchfield Penny Center and the list goes on and on… You can party all night or make it a romantic evening with your significant other. Either way it will be a night to remember.

7. 4 Seasons with a variety of things to do

When many people think about Buffalo weather they immediately think snow. For some southerners we are equivalent to Alaska, but anyone who takes a trip here during the summer will know how comfortably warm it can be. We take full advantage of every season. There are so many things to do, everything from hiking and sailing to snowboarding. Also Darien Lake Theme park is a great attraction people take advantage of every year. No matter what the season there is always something to do here!


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